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Re-Foresting Baran is a unique global project to rehydrate, restore the soil and reforest hundreds of square kms of degraded forest land in Baran, Rajasthan, India. Through creating water holding capacity on the land and a program of water literacy, the project will not only bring back a vanishing forest but also provide a place to learn and action this at a planetary level.  

Support the project as a whole, giving any amount that you wish towards achieving the different stages of the project. 

Or you can support this project and the planet by buying shares of £600/ per year to bring 50 trees to maturity in the larger RFB project. It is estimated that 50 mature trees can sequester 11 tonnes of carbon, the average carbon emissions of people living in a ‘developed’ country like the  United Kingdom ( from running a car, air travel, heating, eating children etc)... all balanced by helping restore a once forested area back to life.   

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ReForesting Baran (RFB)
Balance emissions with new trees

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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