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Fund A Pond

What does a gift to a project mean? When one turns the corner and first sees the impact of a new lake on the greenery, the village-life, the farmland, the bio-diversity, the economics, one witnesses a priceless transformation. The material steps of construction that are funded are the means to an infinite worth of life being created. 

women walking along water body.jpg

The Flow Partnership works with experienced partners in the field who guide the communities to carry out the work to an excellent standard. Rajendra Singh in India, a founder of the Flow Partnership has pioneered methods to engage communities that has led to the revival of seven rivers. This work can be extended pond by pond across the whole globe.  

The Flow Partnership rigorously records the impacts of the projects it undertakes. WaterWays, the digital school platform, holds films, research findings, method guides. The Water Bank profiles water status by country,  chat forums engage people globally, translating the individual projects into world wide learning. 

Look through at the global evidence base to which you are contributing. 

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