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Long Term Impacts

The impacts of water work are both direct and indirect. In addition to enhancing groundwater levels, this kind of work can lead to changes in the microclimate [increased resilience], can reduce seasonal migration, and enhance the overall productivity potential of the land on an ongoing basis, which, eventually enhances the potential income per acre for farmers on the land, and a number of other social and ecological wellbeing parameters.

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Benefits of a pond

for the smallholder farmer (and you):

  • Improved water access

  • Enhancement of soil moisture and fertility

  • Improved crop productivity, vegetation and biodiversity

  • Improved wellbeing of local livestock 

  • Reduction in poverty (inter generationally)

  • Equality in nutrition and education and gender

  • Improved resilience to unseasonal weather events, such as drought and flooding, which are predicted to increase as a result of climate change.

  • A stabilisation of the microclimate, if the work is done at a large enough scale i.e over an entire catchment.

  • Revival of rivers

  • Capture of carbon

  • Mitigation of factors leading to climate change

What We Enable

Whether you want to build a small check dam, plant trees, build a rain garden, grow food, everything you want to do on the land requires a source of water. This is what the One Pond Fund enables – self reliance with a water source on your own land. Built in increasing numbers, these ponds will impact the underground aquifer and the over ground small water cycle.

We provide you a platform to get the word to engage in helping build your pond and earn   ( water Credits in the process). So while the pond is on your land, the engagement is global and the impact is global.

Contact Us to feature your pond here

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