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One Pond: What We Do

Our job is to go as low as possible till we reach the ground and help that level build their own ponds. Right down to the poorest communities where droughts and floods make their lives a constant misery and no one cares. In some cases, not even the government.

With your financial help, we help communities build their ponds and water bodies and become water sufficient. Using their innate wisdom , these ponds are built using local traditional methods by the people themselves.

Once water is assured, the other critical steps for life follow. With water available from local sources, first of all, food and nutrition
security is enabled. Villages can then focus on agricultural development and become self-sustaining, economically viable units, creating flourishing rural livelihoods locally.


01 - Supporting or Building

The Process (Pond Enabler's):

1) Click on the Project Bank and choose the region and ponds you want to support.

Or contact us and arrange a discussion with us to discuss how you would like to support them.

2)  Click on the Give button - and give as per your choice.

3) You will be able to track your project support and  funds given through your personal dashboard online if you sin in an create an account.

4) You will also be able to track the number of Water Credits you have earned and teh water capacity you have helped create through this process.

The Process (Pond Builder's):

1) If you have a pond project that you want to build and complete - contact us and arrange a discussion with us.

2) We will vet your pond requirement, go through the details for putting your pond project up on the platform, and put it upWe vet projects and put them up here for you to take part in something you trust.

3) You will be able to track your project support and  funds online. Once the funds are in, we will send them to you ( through the channels we have identified with you in the vetting process) in the stages you have identified to enable  construction to happen.

02 - Involving the Community

We have learnt from working in the field ways to engage the community. Maharajpura community in February 2019 say YES to enlarging their pond


03 - Construction

Construction is carried out by trusted NGO's, the community effort and hired specialist labour and equipment. 

04 - Result

The work is aimed at holding the seasonal rains so that the water is available throughout the year for farming, nourishment and the recharging of the aquifer.  Maharajpura in September 2019


05 - Produce

The money you give to build the pond is not a handout, consider it an investment into
your future food security – if the farmer eats – we eat. If the farmer dies – we die.

06 - Impact

By helping farmers build that pond they are our main allies in our fight against climate

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