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Minni Jain

Minni Jain is the Operations Director of the Flow Partnership, UK, working globally on community driven decentralized catchment and landscape restoration. Her skills are in partnership building at all levels and together, achieving shared community objectives. Through setting up a water school, she is helping make accessible to communities globally, traditional, scientifically backed methods of reviving rivers and stopping flooding.

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Jannette Macdonald

Jannette Macdonald has worked across the science: policy: practice interface for several years, providing the knowledge that policy makers and practitioners need to improve the water environment. Her technical expertise is in water resource and land use management and she has worked (in partnership) on the development and implementation of policy to improve water quality under the Water Framework Directive. A recent focus has been on water security and international development and she is committed to seeing our knowledge translated into change on the ground.

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Associate, Engagement and Outreach

Kate Baker

Kate Baker is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Centre for Water Systems at the University of Exeter. A Physical Geographer by training, she now works with water engineers, engaging their research across the UK, European Union, and India. Kate is co-founder and Director of the charity Agile Rabbit, producing quirky public engagement events and a core team member of the Social Engagement Platform of the UN World Water Quality Alliance. She was a 2019 American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Community Engagement Fellow.

More info about Agile Rabbit


Philip Franses

Philip Franses uses his expertise in holistic thinking to address global challenges through multi-stakeholder processes. He works on different financial mechanisms for communities to help them restore water to its vital place within the cycles of nature. Philip studied mathematics at New College, Oxford, UK and has worked designing intelligent software for a variety of organisations. Philip teaches Holistic Science, is Editor in Chief of the Holistic Science Journal and is the author of Time Light and the Dice of Creation.

Holistic Science Journal


Associate, Tech and Design

Nipun Dayachandra

Nipun Dayachandra is a recent graduate who is fascinated by all thing’s technology. Having recently completed an MSc in Computer Science, Nipun is passionate about contributing to the advancement of technology, especially in relation to its potential for improving people’s quality of life.

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